Propane fuel is versatile, efficient and clean. Dependable Energy is the local choice for all things propane in the greater Waterbury and Prospect, Connecticut area.

Home Heating

Heating your home with propane is a great option given today’s technology in residential boilers and furnaces. We install all types of systems, most of which offer extremely high-efficiency conversion of fuel to heat. For propane storage, we offer all types of tanks and tank configuration installation options. These tanks can be installed underground or aboveground. Propane heating systems generally require less maintenance than oil-fired systems. Also, high efficiency heating systems are much more compact than older style boilers and furnaces. They can free up space in your basement, including eliminating your oil tank. Call us to learn more about heating with propane.


Backup generators are a great way to protect yourself from potential power outages from the utility electrical providers. If you have a well pump and septic system, a standby generator can help get you through the power outages without concern. Standby generators generally start once a week to test themselves and to make sure it’s ready if the power goes out. An electrician wires your system so that if the power goes out, you’ll have power back automatically. We feel propane backup generators are the best option because the fuel can stay in your tank for months, or years without concern of degradation. A whole-home generator will keep your boiler or furnace running, your refrigerator going, your air conditioning system working, and any other electric appliances your home and family depends on.

Water Heaters

We often take hot water for granted. We use it to cook, clean our dishes, laundry, showers, baths and much more. Propane is the best choice for heating your water because of the options. If you need a large tank, we can install one. Today, more folks are installing on-demand water heaters because it decreases your energy consumption, saves space, and delivers unlimited hot water when sized and installed properly. Some people say that you can’t install on-demand water heaters with well water, but that is not true. Some systems may benefit by adding additional filtration and treatment prolong the expected life of the system.

On-Demand Gas Water Heaters

On-demand water heaters provide endless hot water and only heat the water when you need it. There’s no reason to keep water hot throughout the work/school day when no one’s home, or at night while everyone’s asleep. Heat your water when you need it, with an on-demand water heater from Dependable Energy.

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