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Dependable Energy is the premier heating fuel provider in greater Prospect, Connecticut. While we offer a diverse mix of fuels including propane and diesel fuels, heating oil is the primary heating source for most our area’s homes.

Today’s ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) is proving a reliable, clean relative of the original heating oil. The ULSHO has a sulfur content of just 15 parts per million compared to the 4,000 ppm of decades back. Combined with a Bioheat blend, heating oil is leading the way in heating New England homes once again.

Dependable Energy is proud to be a part of this 21st century evolution where we can offer reliable oil and gas services on your terms. Unlike the large utility companies, you pay for your fuel, and no one else’s. You pay for your heating equipment and installations, and no one else’s.

We offer unparalleled service and reliability with our automatic fuel delivery. To sign up now, contact us. We have budget plans available during the spring and summer enrollment period. Click here to learn more about our budget plans.

Did You Know?

Signing up for Automatic Delivery can save you money by preventing costly run-outs and time spent checking your gauges.  Also, it helps us optimize your delivery to make sure you’re topped off before any big weather events.   
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