Budget Plans

Connecticut winters can be a stressful time, especially when the majority of your heating occurs during a three- or four-month period. For that reason, we strongly recommend our easy 10-month Budget Plan, enabling you to manage your costs throughout the year. Now, you can easily spread out your payments evenly, just like the majority of your utility expenses.

How does it work?

It’s simple. We calculate your estimated fuel usage through the year. Typically, this 10-month program starts in the early summer. You pay a predictable monthly amount based on existing prices and your estimate usage for the coming year.

We calculate your estimate usage for the coming season based on your home’s previous usage, the type of equipment currently installed, comfort preferences, the number of people at your residence, and other important factors. Your deliveries are made at our regular, competitive market prices throughout the year.

We strive to make the cost of heating easy and predictable. Contact us today to enroll.

Budget Plan Calculator
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