Air Conditioning Service

We, at Dependable Energy, want to make sure that all of your household equipment is running at peak efficiency, so we want to remind you to not overlook your air conditioning system. Properly maintaining your A/C will increase efficiency, deliver better air flow, increase the expected life of your system, decrease likelihood of expensive repairs, and save money on electric bills. n

Dependable has been servicing the Prospect, CT area for generations and we have the experience you need for nearly any system.

What’s the first thing we look at? Well, airborne dirt and debris can cause your air conditioner’s filters to clog and run inefficiently. Those fragments affect proper operation and strain your system. Just one part of an A/C tune-up includes inspection and service of your filtration system. That’s just one component of our service, as we go through your entire system with precision tools and expertise, so you get the most out of your air conditioning unit.

Want to learn more? Don’t let the summer creep up on you. We can schedule your spring and summer visits anytime throughout the year. Call us today!

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