Air Conditioning Service

We at Dependable want to make sure that all of your household equipment is running at peak efficiencies, so we want to remind you to not overlook your air conditioning system. Properly maintaining your A/C will not only provide longer system life but will increase its efficiencies and be less likely to breakdown.

Dependable has been servicing the Prospect, CT area for generations, so, needless to say, not only will we get your system running in ship-shape, but you‘ll wonder why you never called us sooner. Airborne dirt and debris will cause your air conditioner’s filters to clog and run with less efficiency. Those fragments affect proper operation and strain your system. We will clean and replace your entire system with precision to give you the most you can get the most of your machine.

Don’t let the summer creep up on you too quickly! Call us today and keep your home cool all summer long.

Dependable Heating Service Technician
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