Can we toss aside Daisy Aimes, mommy out-of about three

Can we toss aside Daisy Aimes, mommy out-of about three

Donna Moss: Most of them, its evaluator talked within the sentencing concerning the harshness regarding what that they had so you can enforce. Examine out. Your let me know? had a boyfriend which kept a beneficial kilo in her pantry. She actually is done seven age and is up against eleven way more. Which is more than rapists and you may kid molestors score. I do not look for a list any more. Speaking of some body.

Leo McGarry: I love elevating so it, however charges sticks this may kill all of us with values voters and therefore puts Vinick’s 9-part lead in the lending company

Chairman Josiah “Jed” Bartlet: . and even worse: leave evaluator impotent! The judicial method is according to an individual’s to a fair demo. But exactly how personal is the fact processes, in the event the a 258 field grid seales your own destiny one which just actually ever action legs before a court, a national courtroom, one to my personal workplace features spent significant effort in selecting, that is upcoming constrained away from working out first commonsense, if you are twenty-nine-year old prosecutors, which make their skeleton on the profit-loss number secure the just discernment regarding whole program?

Claudia Jean ‘C.J.’ Cregg: There’s no method you might be allowing me personally leave the entranceway, what exactly is-it our company is performing?

Agent Simon Donovan: Additionally the battery. As well as the strength push, beginner exchange, timing strip, the fresh ignition fuse, and you will, well, as well as the engine I suppose.

Leo McGarry: You may not rating a response now, ok? I do not need to render your excessive knucklehead posts.

Agent Simon Donovan: [Guides Hogan so you’re able to a far more discover town. As he speaks, he actions their by the arms during the a group] Lookup by doing this. Now lookup like that. Now look that way. [Converts the lady to face him] Now evaluate myself. Just what do you see?

Hogan Cregg: Uh. more than here there is a mother or father with a few babies. Over right here there clearly was a person for the a jacket, and that i can’t consider what else. As well as over here was the below are a few restrict so there was people more truth be told there and i cannot think about just what otherwise.

Agent Simon Donovan: I don’t know sometimes. But up until certainly us simply leaves that it shop I am usually supposed to learn where they are.

Bruno Gianelli: I really don’t proper care, but, Andrew Jackson told you, If you have a career that simply cannot be carried out by an excellent democrat, let’s abolish the task.

Deborah Fiderer: No, sir. A patron are jostling Congresswoman Wyatt and you will Toby attempted to get your to step-back, while the man tucked on the floor. And therefore the people’s pal lunged getting Toby.

President Josiah Bartlet: [with the cellular phone] Leo, tell people pouncy little hairdressers I am planning shove a loaf out of money upwards its ass.

Sam Seaborn: Because there are accounts and an order to the sky security demand and to dive from our radar manager into the frontrunner-in-chief perform disregard several of those levels

President Josiah Bartlet: I’m not an enthusiastic economist, but zero, hold off, I’m an economist. Therefore, its bundle will perform exactly what, C.J.?

President Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet: Men [Santos, Vinick] , why don’t we mention what we have been talking about. You will be alarmed that I will declare I’m deploying 150,100 Western soldiers about three weeks before election and you may quickly your competition concerns my conflict.

Sam Seaborn: As President usually often yell within me personally otherwise laugh during the me. Either way it’s not going to work out better for me.

Bob Engler: [Of UFOs] These materials takes place and you may wade unexplained. you do not think this is exactly something to try brand new President?

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: What’s going to function as the next thing you to definitely challenges you, Toby? Which makes united states go further and you may keep working harder? Did you know when smallpox are eliminated, it was sensed the fresh single finest humanitarian conclusion from the century? Positively we can do it again, while we performed about situations where our very own attention featured on the fresh air and you may, that have outstretched fingers, i handled the face away from Goodness. Is so you’re able to absent friends and people that will be right here today. Thanks a lot.

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