Air Conditioning Installations

Air conditioning systems are complex and variable. At Dependable Energy, we offer the most comprehensive Air Conditioning services in the area, whether you’re looking for traditional central air conditioning or the newer, ductless mini split type air conditioning.

We have preferred brands, including Elite Dealer status with Heil Heating & Air Conditioning. but will work on nearly any system throughout our service area. Remember, we started as a mechanical business and our team of technicians is licensed and insured. We can help you add on to a system, replace an existing system, design a system for a new home, or retrofit a system into your home or business.


Don’t Forget a Tune-Up!

Remember, take care of your system and it will take care of you for years to come. Schedule a tune-up for your air conditioning system and reduce breakdown, increase longevity, and enjoy peace of mind. Oh, and save 10% on energy costs every year!


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