Propane is a safe, reliable, and multi-faceted fuel that can be used throughout your home, inside and out. EPA-approved, propane is safe for the environment and safe for your family.

Dependable Energy is proud to deliver propane throughout the Prospect, CT area. Our drivers are certified and licensed, but more than that, they care about their work, delivering quality propane in a safe and friendly manner.

Looking for delivery? We have you covered. Contact us today to schedule a delivery or sign up for automatic delivery!

Automatic Delivery:

Take the work out of ordering propane and sign up for automatic propane delivery today.

To provide fuel for all of our customers when they need it, we track your home usage in our sophisticated software program. Typically, we’ll track propane accounts used for solely cooking using a Julian tracking system. With propane heating accounts, we track propane usage with our Degree Day system. At Dependable Energy, we make propane delivery easy, no matter how much you need. Contact us to enroll!

Where Can I Use Propane?

Propane gas can be used in numerous ways, both inside the home and outside. The possibilities are endless with highly efficient propane gas:

  • Primary/secondary heat source
  • Indoor/outdoor space heater
  • Stovetops and kitchen appliances
  • Clothes dryers
  • Outdoor BBQs
  • Generators
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Indoor/outdoor log sets
  • Hot water heating systems
  • Pool/spa heater

Don’t forget to ask us about our home Hearth product and natural gas-fired appliances!

Making the Switch?

If you want to get an oil-to-propane conversion, get an estimate from Dependable! We offer professional and friendly installation at a competitive price.

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