Propane Tank Installations

Dependable is your best choice for propane tank installation in the Prospect, CT area. We provide professional service and quality craftsmanship to provide you with service that leaves you and your family are safe and secure for year-round comfort.

When your propane tank is installed, you are presented with two options: to own or to lease. Each has their benefits.

Leasing a Tank

We offer 3-year rental options for a variety of different propane tanks. This is a convenient way to deal with your energy management. With lower upfront costs and tank care and management in our hands, you have little to worry about. We check to see that the tank is in perfect working order – you get no hassle and optimum safety. All propane must be ordered from Dependable when tanks are leased from us.

Owning a Tank

If you are comfortable with scheduling and arranging all safety checks for your propane tank and would like to be responsible for servicing, then owning a tank is a good option. The upfront costs are higher generally, but you have the freedom to choose which ever propane supplier you like – although many will only fuel their own tanks.

If you have any question or comments about propane tank installation, or the differences between leasing and owning, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions.

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