Heating Service

Improve your system’s efficiency and ensure longevity for years to come.

  1. Annual Tune-Up
    • Brush and vacuum boiler and furnace
    • Clean and adjust oil burner
    • Replace necessary filters, strainers, and nozzles
  2. Inspection
    • Complete inspection of your heating system
    • Professional recommendations to improve efficiency
  3. Covered Parts at NO CHARGE
    • Air filters
    • Blower belt
    • Blower motor (⅓ HP or less)
    • Blower pulley
    • Burner coupling
    • Burner fan
    • Burner motor
    • CAD cell relay
    • CAD cell eye
    • Circulator
    • Coupling
    • Circulator relay
    • Delayed oil valve
    • Electrodes
    • Fan limit control
    • Fuel pump (single stage)
    • Ignition transformer
    • Ignition wires
    • Nozzle
    • Oil filter
    • Pump strainer
    • Stack relay
    • Standard heating thermostat
    • Toggle switch
    • Zone valve operator head
    • Zone damper motor
  4. Emergency Service
    • PLEASE CALL (203) 758-5831 for immediate service, do not request service online!
    • No labor charge for emergency service 24/7

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Dependable Heating Services

Dependable Heating Services

Did You Know?

Scheduling annual maintenance can save you 10% on energy costs?! Not only that but it increases the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment. Be smart and save today!
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